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EZ Doc Filer 3.0: The Next Step in Electronic Document Management

September 25, 2008

Imperial Software Systems is proud to release EZ Doc Filer 3.0. Already the ideal solution for electronic document management, EZ Doc Filer 3.0 incorporates many updates designed to increase workflow and productivity.

  • Now available in a web based version: Access all the document management features through your favorite web browser.
  • Add / Modify Search Fields: Customize the search parameters to best organize your documents. Add searchable areas such Borrower Address, Document Status, and other fields that are specific to your industry.
  • Activity Log: EZ Doc Filer 3.0 now includes a master record that details all instances of users who login to access and change files.
  • PDF Merge / Split: This new feature allows you to extract vital pages from a PDF file and integrate it with others. Now important data can be contained in one file, as opposed to spanning a clutter of documents. While previous versions relied on an additional program that needed to be accessed separately, EZ Doc Filer 3.0 now has this feature built in.
  • Administration Menu: EZ Doc Filer 3.0 has reformatted its administration menu to simplify control and increase your workflow. As an administrator, you can easily assign additional users, implement additional search fields, and access orders and transaction logs through an easy to use menu.
  • Increased Security: EZ Doc Filer 3.0 keeps your documents safe and secure through its internal security measures. Administrators grant file access to users by assigning those users into groups that allow or disallow permission to specific folders.

If you have any questions or are interested in hearing more about this upgrade, please contact Imperial Software Systems at 1-888-797-7302.


Imperial Software Systems Welcomes Google’s Chrome Web Browser

September 12, 2008

In an effort to ensure that Imperial Software Systems remains on the forefront of ever expanding internet technology, our web development team has been enthusiastically integrating Google Chrome into their design and development strategies. Beta released on September 2nd, in one week Google Chrome reportedly enticed enough users to obtain 1% of internet market share- an allusive amount until one considers the shear number of internet users. Imperial Software System’s implementation of Google Chrome not only allows the web development team to take several steps forward into the future of maintaining web standards and compliances, but we are also helping to raise the bar for future web applications by assessing and critiquing them. After speaking to the web development team, it is clear that Google Chrome has a great deal of potential. To learn more about Google Chrome and how it’s attempting to separate itself from other browsers, visit