New Site: Cityguardsec.com

September 9, 2011

Imperial Software Systems has recently launched a Web site for City Guard Security services, a full-service security firm specializing in high-risk operations and environments. This simple site was hand-coded to the client’s specs with a collaborative design.

The build itself features several instances of CSS3 enhancements like text-shadow and drop-shadow effects. CSS3Pie was implemented to ensure that all the progressive enhancements play nice with Internet Explorer.


Imperial Web Mail Makeover

July 26, 2011

Imperial’s Web mail portal has gotten a makeover and with it- a long awaited blog post.  In addition to incorporating some sleek aesthetics and modern coding practices- you can now access our Technical Support Chat from the mail portal.  We felt it best to spare those in need of technical support from typing our longer domain name.  You may still access technical support by visiting www.imperialsoftwaresystems.com– but in a pinch: bookmark IWDmail.com for future technical support connections.

You’ll also note that our blog is appearing in the news portal (perhaps that’s how you found this article!). We’ve been busy designing fantastic Web sites, creating new calculators, and answering tons of fan mail about our new title software: EZ Trac Pro. Check back often because future blog posts will go into great detail about all the things we’re building and how they can help your and your business.


EZ Doc Filer 3.0: The Next Step in Electronic Document Management

September 25, 2008

Imperial Software Systems is proud to release EZ Doc Filer 3.0. Already the ideal solution for electronic document management, EZ Doc Filer 3.0 incorporates many updates designed to increase workflow and productivity.

  • Now available in a web based version: Access all the document management features through your favorite web browser.
  • Add / Modify Search Fields: Customize the search parameters to best organize your documents. Add searchable areas such Borrower Address, Document Status, and other fields that are specific to your industry.
  • Activity Log: EZ Doc Filer 3.0 now includes a master record that details all instances of users who login to access and change files.
  • PDF Merge / Split: This new feature allows you to extract vital pages from a PDF file and integrate it with others. Now important data can be contained in one file, as opposed to spanning a clutter of documents. While previous versions relied on an additional program that needed to be accessed separately, EZ Doc Filer 3.0 now has this feature built in.
  • Administration Menu: EZ Doc Filer 3.0 has reformatted its administration menu to simplify control and increase your workflow. As an administrator, you can easily assign additional users, implement additional search fields, and access orders and transaction logs through an easy to use menu.
  • Increased Security: EZ Doc Filer 3.0 keeps your documents safe and secure through its internal security measures. Administrators grant file access to users by assigning those users into groups that allow or disallow permission to specific folders.

If you have any questions or are interested in hearing more about this upgrade, please contact Imperial Software Systems at 1-888-797-7302.


Imperial Software Systems Welcomes Google’s Chrome Web Browser

September 12, 2008

In an effort to ensure that Imperial Software Systems remains on the forefront of ever expanding internet technology, our web development team has been enthusiastically integrating Google Chrome into their design and development strategies. Beta released on September 2nd, in one week Google Chrome reportedly enticed enough users to obtain 1% of internet market share- an allusive amount until one considers the shear number of internet users. Imperial Software System’s implementation of Google Chrome not only allows the web development team to take several steps forward into the future of maintaining web standards and compliances, but we are also helping to raise the bar for future web applications by assessing and critiquing them. After speaking to the web development team, it is clear that Google Chrome has a great deal of potential. To learn more about Google Chrome and how it’s attempting to separate itself from other browsers, visit http://www.google.com/googlebooks/chrome/index.html.


Web Designer Career Opportunites from Imperial Software Sysetms

May 14, 2008

Imperial Software Systems currently has an opening in its Web design department; and is interested in all applicants who are looking for career opportunities as a Web Designer.

You can view the full job listing on Monster at Web Designer Career Opportunities.

An excerpt of the listing is as follows:

Imperial Software Systems, LLC has an opening in their Web design department. We are an Internet Service Provider that has been in business for over 10 years. Imperial Software Systems offers email and Web hosting, custom programming, Web design and rapidly expanding software products and solutions.

We have a position open in the Long Island, NY area. We are looking for the right person who wants more than a job; he or she wants a career in technology! Candidates must be high-energy individuals with outstanding interpersonal skills. A professional appearance and strong organizational skills are a must. A college-degree with software sales and internet sales experience have proven to be a major “plus.”

To view all requirements, specifications and application submission details please visit the link above.

Imperial Software Systems is proud to offer interviews to all qualified applicants.


Search Engine Optimization Presentation Available for Download

May 13, 2008

Due to a large influx of interested clients, Imperial Software Systems is now offering a free presentation for small to medium sized business owners regarding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Campaigns to increase corporate awareness and Internet visibility.

The presentation is available for download in PDF file format from our Web site (http://imperialsoftwaresystems.com/); and we also have a PPT available for interested users upon request.

The presentation outlines what a comprehensive and authentic Search Engine Optimization campaign can provide for small to medium size businesses and also, the steps taken to achieve higher rankings in the major Search Engine Results Pages.

The breakdown of the presentation is as follows:

  1. What is Search Engine Optimization
  2. The various methods of Search Engine Optimization and the differences between SEM, PPC, and SEO
  3. The Importance of Search Engine Optimization for Businesses
  4. A Two-Pronged Approach to SEO: On-site Tactics and Off-site Marketing
  5. Researching and Selecting Quality Keyword Phrases
  6. Site Reconstruction, Standards Compliant Web sites and Semantic Markup
  7. Generation and Construction of Your Web Content
  8. Link Building, Social Media and Article Marketing
  9. Vertical, Personalized and Local Search

This presentation is meant to be ultimately informative, however if users have any questions or would like to hear more about what Imperial Software Systems can offer them in terms of advanced Internet marketing campaigns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Dental Records Filing made EZ

May 2, 2008

As the number of legalities surrounding the health care industry increase, dentists and other health service providers often find it hard to keep their office free of clutter and paper-file storage. In order to maintain an efficient and well-functioning practice, patient dental records and all similar documentation needs to be easily accessible and properly organized. It is with utmost importance to all parties involved – the dentist, the patient, insurance providers, etc. – that a system for quick record retrieval and easy access is seamlessly integrated into the daily workflow of any given dental practice. With the advent of electronic document filing, unparalleled organization, easy retrieval times, minimal physical storage space, and secure client access are not only possible attributes of an efficient dentist’s office – they’re easy to achieve.

Custom Filing Software for Dental Records

A paperless office solution system can revolutionize the way medical offices function. Customizable software allows dentists to tweak a document management system to best fit their practice’s needs. As the dental record structure is perhaps one of the most complex record systems in the medical industry, a customized interface will allow dentists to markup patient data and documentation with all necessary tags to assure that specific notes and records will be categorized, indexed, and preserved far better than any paper filing system could achieve.

For the full text of this article please visit Dental Records Filing at Imperial Software Systems.


The Simple Solution: Front-End Web Development

April 24, 2008

Imperial Software Systems is proud to provide five simple solutions for the front-end coder. This April we take a look at the Web’s best (and free) online development resources.

Color Scheme Generator 2 (Well-Styled)

Perhaps one of the most useful tools for any Web developer. Create balanced color schemes and then test them against simulated end-user visual impairments. Color Scheme Generator 2 won’t have you regretting those Art History classes you skipped out on as an undergraduate. This free online resource transforms even the worst art-minded techie into a design guru. A preferred method of working with this tool is to take a primary color of your Web page and enter its hex value into the rough conversion input. From here, you can select to view that color’s contrasting colors, or it’s triad, tetrad and analogic colors. Go even further by filtering the colors to their various pastel and muted forms. In a mere matter of minutes you will have more than a full complimentary color schema to work with.

Stripe Generator 2.0 beta

Never again will you painstakingly have to create perfect, flush background tiles for your CSS Web sites. The Stripe Generator handles all possible input values to give you maximum output permutations. Select from a slew of attributes, including stripe size, stripe spacing, colors, background, shadow, gradient and stripe orientation. Each input value functions with user friendly sliders and/or buttons. Refresh after each input to preview your optimized background tile. When you are happy with your design pattern, download the file as a .png for optimized page load times.

Web Development Toolbar for FireFox

Chris Pederick’s saving grace for FireFox users and front-end coders. The Web Developer Toolbar not only helps during the design process by offering colored outlines of document elements, to bind keys to validate pages, and to turn off style and scripting elements – it functions as a brainstorming and study guide for Web developers as well. With a few simple clicks one can see how pages use scripting and advanced styling to function. This is a must have for any serious Web developer.

Validators (HTML, CSS, XML)

Check for standards compliancy for all of your mark-up and front-end languages. A great tool for burgeoning SEO experts and Web standards advocates. Simply enter a URL or upload a file from your local machine. Detailed descriptions of errors and potential “why-this-went-wrong-scenarios” make messy code maintenance a breeze.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Need dummy text? The Lorem Ipsum generator turns first level layouts and mockups into professional design templates in seconds. Simply select the number of paragraphs you would like to generate, and within seconds a scalable slice of Cicero’s famous oratorio is delivered right to your screen.


ZoomInfo Listed Updated

April 22, 2008

Imperial Software Systems gains more press in April of 2008 with an updated report on ZoomInfo!

View Imperial Software Systems’ ZoomInfo Listing.

The excerpt that describes Imperial is as follows:
Imperial Software Systems is Long Island’s leading developer of custom software, CSS Web design and certified search engine optimization service campaigns. Located in Massapequa, New York (11758), Imperial provides small businesses around the nation with networking, installation, Web and email hosting, build-to-order software, and standards compliant, SEO-certified Web development.


Imperial Software Systems now listed on Yahoo!

April 22, 2008

Long has Imperial Software Systems been indexed in Yahoo!’s main Web directory, but now we are proud to announce our inclusion in the Yahoo! Business Directory.

Web sites found in this exclusive directory must meet a rigorous on-site detail and analysis.

View the permalink for Imperial Software Systems Yahoo! Business Directory indexing.